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»Stringing Along« is the first in a series of books for beginning string orchestra players by Albert Stoutamire and Kenneth Henderson. The second is Strings Are Fun. The two books are made up of program pieces which are easy to play and are full-sounding, harmonized arrangements. Both can be used throughout the first year of string instrument instruction. Published for 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello/bass, and piano-conductor.

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Autoren: Albert Stoutamire, Kenneth Henderson.
Sprache: englisch.
​Verlag: Alfred Music PROBK01450.

  • Two terrific tunes, trad.
  • The bridge to macdonald's, trad.
  • Reuben and rachel long ago, trad.
  • French folk song, trad.
  • Jingle bells, Pierpont
  • Mountain, Stoutamire
  • Kum ba ya, Nigeria
  • Oriental, Stoutamire
  • Two chorales, Stoutamire
  • New horizons, Stoutamire
  • My big bass, Stoutamire
  • When the saints go marching in, trad.
  • Round 'n' round, Stoutamire
  • Cowboy song, trad.
  • Shortnin' bread, trad.
  • Dance, Bartok
  • Cinnamon, Stoutamire
  • Andantino, Stravinsky
  • Marines hymn, trad.
  • Sari song, Stoutamire
  • Soul strings, Stoutamire
  • Mars walk, Stoutamire
  • Minuet, Telemann