Türk-Espitalier, A.: Musicians in Motion

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100 Exercises with and without Instrument.

What is natural for athletes, namely targeted movement and strength training beyond the practice of the actual sport, is neglected by many musicians. Only when complaints arise, be it in the form of tension, overstrain or pain, do they realise how much they are demanding from their musculoskeletal system. The book is aimed at active instrumentalists regardless of their playing level. It offers solutions for all those who want to improve their stamina and performance on the instrument, prevent later problems, suffer from discomfort when playing music or are looking for a balance to one-sided posture.

The focus of the book is on practical exercises, but theoretical principles are also addressed. The book is intended to help prepare for the demands that music-making places on the body. It wants to motivate people to use all their resources and possibilities to stay or become physically healthy in order to be able to give the best musical performance.

Dr. Alexandra Türk-Espitalier, MSc, is a flutist, physiotherapist and Senior Lecturer in Music Physiology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Recommended by Prof. Dr. Jochen Blum, Professor of Music Physiology and Musician's Medicine at the HfMDK in Frankfurt, among others.

German Version: Article number: 960353.

Author: Alexandra Türk-Espitalier.
Language: englisch.
Format: Softcoveer, 144 pages.
Publisher: Musikverlag Zimmermann ISBN 978-3-940105-40-0.

  • Introduction
  • Causes and Habits
  • Training
  • Exercises
  • Instrument
  • Prevention
  • Appendix