Art. Nr.: 972932
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Ausgabe für Streichorchester, Partitur. Schwierigkeitsgrad: leicht.
Aus der Reihe »Belwin Concert String Orchestra«.

Enjoy the intensity and intricate harmonies of the »Legend of Asturias« in a shorter playable version that captures the spirit and feel of the original work. Written first for piano and a favorite of virtually every guitarist, this beloved piece has been effectively scored at grade 3 by composer/arranger Victor López for concert string orchestra, complete with the original high-energy with a multicultural flair!

Komponist: Isaac Albéniz.
Arrangeur: Victor López.
Ausgabe: Dirigierpartitur.
Format: 12 Seiten.
Dauer: 3'10".
Verlag: Alfred Music 46683S.