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Art. Nr.: 941098
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Ausgabe für Kontrabass und Klavier.

The Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino studied music in his native city Santa Fe, Argentina, with Esperanza Lothringer and Dominga Laffei, and later in Buenos Aires with Athos Palma. He was also an excellent pianist and, invited by the BBC, he performed the world premieres of many of his works in London in 1947, 1948 and 1949. In those years, the BBC Orchestra premiered Guastavino’s composition »Tres Romances Argentinos« conducted by Walter Goehr. In 1956 he toured the U.S.S.R. and China where he made known many of his works for voice and piano.
Guastavino created beautiful works, generally of short duration and with a very personal harmonic style rooted in the romantic traditions of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Strictly speaking, he can’t be considered an avant-garde composer. However, he used melodic and rhythmic elements of his own inspiration and those derived from the Argentine folk music. He employed these inspirations with unique grace and refinement. Even though he acquired fame with his numerous songs for voice and piano, we shall not forget that Guastavino composed also many works for piano, orchestra, guitar, choir and chamber music.
His work »Rosita Iglesias« was written in 1965, and is part of the series »Las Presencias«. The piece, of poetic beauty and subtle melancholia, is a characteristic work of the author. The manuscript contains a note stating »The names in these works are fictional. Any similarity with that of a known person is pure coincidence«. However, the first edition was revised and published with the fingerings of Rosita Iglesias, a violin teacher much appreciated by Carlos Guastavino.

Komponist: Carlos Guastavino.
Arrangeur: Martín Rosso.
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimme.
Verlag: Melos MEL9153.