Costello, E.: The Juliet Letters – Stimmen

Art. Nr.: 971997
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Ausgabe für Singstimme und Streichquartett, Stimmen.

A song sequence for String Quartet and Voice. Written by Elvis Costello in response to an article detailing the discovery that a Veronese academic had been replying to letters addressed to »Juliet Capulet«. The delicate and personal nature of the content of such correspondence has inspired a wonderful and poignant set of songs arranged specifically for, and performed by, »The Brodsky Quartet«. This is a deceptively simple and work, baring all the qualities of Costello's intelligent sense of melody.

Komponist: Elvis Costello.
Ausgabe: Stimmensatz.
Sprache: englisch.
Verlag: Chester Music CH61206.

  • Damnation's Cellar
  • Dead Letter
  • Dear Sweet Filthy World
  • Deliver Us
  • Expert Rites
  • For Other Eyes
  • I Almost Had A Weakness
  • I Thought I'd Write To Juliet
  • Jacksons, Monk And Rowe
  • Last Post
  • Romeo's Seance
  • Swine
  • Taking My Life In Your Hands
  • The Birds Will Still Be Singing
  • The First To Leave
  • The Letter Home
  • The Sad Burlesque
  • This Offer Is Unrepeatable
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Why?