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Art. Nr.: 915779
kurzfristig lieferbar
Ausgabe für Violine und Klavier. Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer.

Die CD zu dieser Ausgabe enthält die Klavierbegleitung als Konzertversion und zum Üben im langsameren Tempo.

Carl Fischer Music introduces this exciting addition to the CD Solo Series featuring performance pieces that are also designed to help all levels of violinists make their practice time more productive. The material for this series includes clear engravings for violin and piano, a musically accurate and expressive piano accompaniment CD, a performance tempo recording for practice or simply for use when an accompanist is not available, additional slower rehearsal tempo accompaniments included on more intricate works to help the developing student learn the chosen piece, and track with an A440 tuning note.

Komponist: Vittorio Monti.
Herausgeber: Richard Czerwonky.
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimme mit Playalong-CD.
Verlag: Carl Fischer B3407.