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Art. Nr.: 971167
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32 Trios für flexibles Streichensemble, Bassstimmen.

If you're a double bass player and you have a couple of friends who play another stringed instrument, then Compatible Trios for Strings is the book for you! This collection contains 32 trios in a variety of styles from classical to folk music to original pieces that will be fun to play with any combination of three string instruments. Trios are a great way to learn how to play in a chamber music setting and this unique collection gives you the opportunity to do it with anyone else who plays a string instrument – making the combinations of instruments that can be used extensive. Compatible Trios for Strings are perfect for use in school setting when students come in at lunchtime or after school and want to play for fun with their friends. The flexibility of these trios makes them a must-have for any string player.

Verlag: Carl Fischer CFBF86

  • Angels We Have Heard On High (French Carol)
  • Türk, D.: Arioso
  • Auld Lang Syne (Scottish Folk Song)
  • Diabelli, A.: Bagatelle
  • Couperin, F.: Carnival Scene
  • Bach, J.C.F.: Dance
  • Grieg, E.: Elfin Dance
  • Clark, L.: Fable
  • Beethoven, L.v.: German Dance
  • Haydn, F.J.: German Dance
  • Duncombe, W.: Gigue
  • Clark, L.: Harvest Moon
  • Home On The Range (American Folk Song)
  • Brahms, J.: Hungarian Dance No. 5
  • Irish Washerwoman (Irish Folk Song)
  • Pierpont, J.: Jingle Bells
  • Dvorak, A.: Largo (Symphony No.9)
  • Rameau, J.P.: Le Lardon (»The Joke«)
  • Couperin, F.: Les Moissonneurs
  • Loch Lomond (Scottish Folk Song)
  • Tchaikovsky, P.I.: March (The Nutcracker Suite)
  • Mexican Hat Dance (Mexican Folk Song)
  • Haydn, F.J.: Minuet
  • Bach, C.P.E.: Pastorale
  • Haydn, F.J.: Quadrille
  • Beethoven, L.v.: Russian Folk Song
  • Scarborough Fair (English Folk Song)
  • Schumann, R.: Soldier's March
  • Tarantella (Italian Folk Song)
  • Gurlitt, C.: The Mill
  • MacDowell, E.: To A Wild Rose
  • Mozart, W.A.: Viennese Sonatina