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Art. Nr.: 972956
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Ausgabe für Streicherensemble (Violine 1, Violine 2, Viola/Violine 3, Violoncello, Kontrabass ad lib.) und Klavier (ad lib.). Schwierigkeitsgrad: leicht.

This second Collection of seven pieces is again suitable for young string players in the early stages of orchestral playing. The rhythms and notes used in all the parts are still quite basic, the third violin/viola beiing the easierst, but overall effect is very satisfying for performer and listener. The violin 3 and viola parts are the same. The double bass part is optional. The optinal piano parts can be used in rehearsals or if any of the string parts are missing.

Komponistin/Arrangeurin: Helen Butterworth.
Ausgabe: Partitur und Einzelstimmen als Kopiervorlage.
Format: geheftet, 88 Seiten.
Verlag: Alfred Music 20189UK.